Sunday Morning Speaker Series

Memorial Presbyterian Church Sexual Brokenness and The GospelSexual Brokenness & The Gospel
Sunday Morning Speaker Series
March 15 - May 24
9:15 am in the Auditorium
Join Lilian Warner, Dr. Richard Winter, Sean Maney and a team of speakers for Sexual Brokenness & The Gospel. Sexuality is a gift of God, and yet sexual brokenness has touched every one of us. Join us for these nine sessions for all adults and youth. Topics include biblical sexuality, pornography and sexual addiction, responses to sexual betrayal in marriages, living as a gay, same-sex attracted or transgendered believer in Jesus, and how to talk to our kids about sex. Sean Maney and Lilian Warner work with FirstLight. Richard Winter heads the counseling program at Covenant Theological Seminary. Other speakers bring specific areas of expertise and personal experience. You won't want to miss this. Drop your kids off in Sunday School or nursery and head for the Auditorium. Feel free to bring your friends!

Tentative Schedule

  • March 15 | Sean Maney | Biblical Sexuality
  • March 22 | Sean Maney | Sexual Immorality & Pornography
  • March 29 | Lilian Werner | Women's Sexual Addiction
  • April 5 | Easter | No Class
  • April 12 | Lilian Werner | Spouses & Sexual Betrayal
  • April 19 | David Gill | Homosexuality & the Bible
  • April 26 | Gregg Webb & Chris Gillam | Supporting SSA/Gay Believers
  • May 3 | Dr. Richard Winter and Deanna Miller | Transgender Issues and Testimony
  • May 10 | Petra Blum | Sexual Abuse
  • May 17 | Petra Blum | Talking to our Kids About Sex
  • May 24 | Panel of Speakers | Q & A